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Linda blkandwhite.jpg

Linda Audette
Owner Manifestor

Linda has had many colorful careers ranging from horse trainer to singer /songwriter, child and youth worker and had a lengthy 15 year career as a licensed massge practioner.(now retired) Linda has always marched to the beat of her own drum and The Flower of Life Healing Centre is a testimony to that. Linda has created a unique space for people to come bath in the experience of Reconnecting with yourself. Linda perfoms Relaxing Sound Baths with 8 crystal singing bowls, a gong, Koshi Chimes, ocean drum, steel tongue drum. She also has been doing The Reconnection Healing which is a hands off healing modality since 2014.Linda invites people to come and heal in the centre which offers so many different options to meet people where they are at on their healing journey. 

The Flower Of Life

A Space to Reconnect with The SELF 

Hope we see you soon 

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What People are saying...

Soothing, relaxing, was my first Sound Bath so wasn't sure what to expect. Surprised by the calming effects Mike

Sound Bath...Relaxing, healing, realign/balance chakras, moves stagnant energy and healing. I was surrounded by purple light. Ruth

Basalt stone massage.
It was my first time experiencing a basalt hot stone massage. It was absolutely wonderful. The welcoming environment with the soft relaxing music and soft lighting. The basalt stones were warmed up using water infused with essential oils. It was a full body massage combining oil and stones for a multi sensory relaxing experience. I highly recommend visiting The Flower of Life Healing Center and Linda Audette the owner and practitioner for some self care you will enjoy your experience!

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