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Linda blkandwhite.jpg

Linda Audette
Owner Manifestor

Linda has had many colorful careers ranging from horse trainer to singer /songwriter, child and youth worker and had a lengthy 15 year career as a licensed massage practitioner.(now retired) Linda has always marched to the beat of her own drum and The Flower of Life Healing Centre is a testimony to that. Linda has created a unique space for people to come bath in the experience of reconnecting the Self.

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The Flower Of Life

Healing Centre


A journey back to your

Inner SELF 

Let your journey begin now

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Linda preforms Relaxing Sound Baths with 8 crystal singing bowls, a gong, Koshi Chimes, ocean drum, steel tongue drum. She also has been doing The Reconnection Healing which is a hands off healing modality since 2014.

The Flower of Life Healing Centre invites people to come and heal, rejuvenate, ground, expand or just relax.

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Linda blkandwhite.jpg
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