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Spinal Energetics™: Initial Session

Initial Session (Online) for new clients of Bree

  • 1 h
  • 115 Canadian dollars
  • Online Zoom

Service Description

Experience the transformative power of Spinal Energetics™ with our initial session Online via Zoom. Our alternative healing service focuses on aligning and energizing the spine to promote overall well-being and balance. Find relief from physical discomfort and emotional stress as we work to realign your body’s energy. Let us guide you on a journey to reconnect with your body and unlock its natural healing abilities. Book your session with us today and start your journey to holistic wellness. Spinal Energetics™ is a therapeutic approach that focuses on releasing tension, stress, emotions, trauma and stored energy within the spine and nervous system. This technique combines elements of energy work, breathwork, and gentle movements to facilitate the flow of energy through the spinal column. The goal is to help the body release stored trauma, tension, and emotional blockages, thereby promoting overall wellness and balance. During a Spinal Energetics™ session, a practitioner guides the client through specific movements and breathwork exercises that encourage the release of energy along the spine. This process may result in spontaneous body movements, vibrations, or emotional releases as the energy is freed. The practice aims to support the body's innate ability to heal itself and can lead to improved alignment, increased energy, and enhanced emotional and mental clarity. Spinal Energetics™ level one is not suitable for the following: The first and final trimester of pregnancy, or during six months postpartum, children under 12, elderly persons over the age of 75, diagnosed severe PTSD, severe mental health conditions (bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosis), currently taking heavy medications that alters brain chemistry (anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, antipsychotic), recent physical injuries, fractures and/or surgeries, epilepsy, history or diagnosis of aneurysms, cardiovascular problems, history of seizures, severe asthma, heart disease, heart conditions, hospitalization for any psychiatric condition, emotional crisis, or spiritual emergency within the past three years, any other medical, psychiatric or physical conditions that would affect your ability to engage in activities involving intense physical and/or emotional release. Spinal Energetics practitioners cannot treat any person under the influence of any alcohol, illicit substances or plant medicine.

Contact Details

  • 1375 Regent Street, Sudbury, ON, Canada

    (705) 255-7675

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