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Sound Bath

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Our 1:1 Sound Bath session combines the power of sound therapy with a meditative atmosphere, creating a truly transformative experience.

Unwind and let go as the healing frequencies wash over and through you, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

Discover the benefits of

sound therapy and

book your appointment with us today.


Energy Healing


The Flower of Life Healing Centre specializes in providing

Reiki healing to those who need it.

We believe that Reiki is a simple yet profound way to restore balance and harmony in the body. This treatment is a gentle and non-invasive way of healing that can be beneficial for people of

all ages and walks of life.

We work with you to understand your unique needs and offer tailored  sessions to address your specific concerns.

Reiki is a Universal Life Force Energy that is accessible to everyone

Basalt Stone

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Basalt Stone Massage is a deeply relaxing service that involves the use of heated basalt stones.


This one hour full body treatment is a great way to pamper and indulge in some much needed self care.


Take some time for yourself and enjoy the many benefits of hot stone massage such as relaxing tense muscles, aiding pain relief, alleviating depression, promoting sleep, and improving circulation.

Public Sound Bath

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