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The Flower of Llife Healing Centre

Quiet the Mind and the Soul will Speak

Healing happens when we care for the

Mind, Body and Spirit as a whole.

The Flower of Life Energy Spa & Wellness Centre is a sacred space offering a variety of services for everyone, helping people to calmly center themselves.  When one is centered, healing happens.  This is a space where one can calm the mind and sooth the body, offering the most healing benefits. Nurturing not only the body but our Soul is pivotal to our overall health. 

The Flower of Life Energy Spa & Wellness Centre offers a variety of services to help those on a path of healing their whole Being. We help one reconnect with themselves, recharge their energy systems and balance all aspects of their body, mind and spirit. 


In Person or via Zoom

Sound Bath 1:1 , Groups and Mobile


Life/Spiritual Coaching

Holy Fire Reiki III



**New Offerings**

Spinal Energetics

Breath Work Sessions

EFT/ETR Tapping


Cacao Ceremonies

 At the Flower of Life Energy Spa & Wellness Centre we are dedicated to helping people decrease stress, move towards better health and  Reconnect with their true authentic Selves.

Please inquire if you or someone you know is struggling financially we can help. 

Call today:

705 255 7675


The Flower of Life Energy Spa & Wellness Centre

1375 Regent Street


Sudbury, ON

705 255 7675

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